Jasmine Howard Advising Schedule

New Way for NJIT Continuing Students to Schedule an Appointment: Use the Student Success Collaborative (SSC) system.

Log into Highlander Pipeline - http://portal.njit.edu

Click Student Services (left-side of webpage)

Click Student Success Collaborative (in Online Services section)

Click “Get Advising” (blue button on right-side of webpage)

Select advisor (my name), date and preferred time

Please email me at jehoward@njit.edu to let me know if, for any reason, this does not work for you. Student Success Collaborative (SSC) is what the university is starting to use for student appointments. Have a good day!

Note: If you need immediate academic advisement assistance on a day that I am not available, please contact the Advising Success Center (ASC) at 973-596-5598 or asc@njit.edu.

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